Шамар Ринпоче
Shamar Rinpoche is 2nd highest lama in the hierarchy of spiritual teachers in Karma Kagyu.

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About center

BC TLT 2016

Togliatty Buddhist Centre exists with the sole reason to provide necessary information about Buddhism to those interested and to practice its liberating methods. Here one can learn the methods given by the Buddha 2,500 years ago and which since then have been practiced in India first, followed by Tibet. Having come to the West these methods have been slightly adapted according to the features of the Western culture, however their essence remained the same as during Buddha times.

Buddhist Centre provides the space for people to learn about Buddhism with their own suitable pace by attending lectures of the teachers and meditating in a group. One can also receive detailed explanations on all of the practices and use individual meditations in the gompa (meditation room) when no public event occur.
If you are going to come to a Buddhist center in the evening, be sure to call and make sure that someone will be at the center and will open the door for you.


Meditation Schedule

The center is open from 19:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Other days - by appointment.

Tuesday 19:30 XVI-th Karmapa meditation.
Thursday 19:30 XVI-th Karmapa meditation.
Sunday 18:00 XVI-th Karmapa meditation


Address:  445057 Togliatty
Sportivnaya street, b. 16, fl. 59
Phone number:  +7 (937) 214 44 72
Phone number:  +7 (903) 33 24 715

E-mail:  send email
Web site:   http://tolyatti.buddhism.ru/

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