Sherab Gyaltsen is a close disciple of 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Randjung Rigpe Dorje.

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Magadan Buddhist Center joins together Lama Ole’s disciples who live and work in Chukotka and Magadan Regions. Our group is not big yet, but we represent the region which is geographically of the size of several European countries.  
We started practicing Dharma in 2003 and since then we continue using Diamond Way methods, develop through the inspiration, compassion and the wisdom of our teachers. 
Welcome to Magadan Buddhist Center!
Meditation Schedule 
16th Karmapa Meditation
Tuesday      8:00 pm
One won’t need to know anything in particular to start meditating. You can meditate right after your first visit to the Buddhist Center by following guiding instructions. You can get the answers to your questions about Diamond Way Buddhism before or after meditation, but you can also just have a good time. Visiting the center and meditation are free.    

Meditation Schedule


Address:   Magadan
Karl Marx st., 67, apt. 109
Phone number:  +7 (914) 8587649
Phone number:  +7 (900) 4061692
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