Ханна Нидал
Hannah Nydahl (1946-2007) was a translator, a lama, a confidante of the highest lamas of Karma Kagyu tradition.

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Does love bring you closer to Enlightenment?

There are two kinds of love. The first one is based upon expectations and fears – it is called attachment and it doesn’t bring any happiness. The second one is real love. Buddhism describes four kinds of real, giving love.

One of them is the love itself which manifests when you and your partner share with each other what you have and thus both become richer. Secondly, love can manifest itself as compassion when one of the partners has some surplus which he or she genuinely and selflessly wants to give. The third kind is called sympathetic joy – when we feel happy, when something positive happens and it is not related to us directly. For example, some African country manages to take the birth rate under control, and money are spent for schools and hospitals instead of being fed to huge amount of people. And the fourth kind of real love is called equanimity. It is essentially understanding that even behind the most savage images in the minds of such people like Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Hitler, there is space and radiant awareness. Every being has a chance to realise the enlightened nature of mind in one of their countless lives.


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