Sherab Gyaltsen is a close disciple of 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Randjung Rigpe Dorje.

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 Retreats are periods of meditation practice, which last for several days, weeks or years in a quiet, solitary place with no distraction to daily situations.  Solitary meditations give the most effect when practitioners have a clear goal and a certain structure to the daily routine, they are looked after and are overseen by one of the Buddhist centre, while the solitary nature of the retreat is agreed with the teacher in advance. 

Meditation retreats can be open or closed, single, couple or group ones. Thanks to them a person may develop more distance to everyday    situations and deepen the meditation experience.

Collective retreats are more popular among Karma Kagyu Buddhists. Groups of friends go to the country, to a specially designated, fully equipped meditation retreat centres, meditate and listen to the lectures together during the course of several days. The retreats are frequently dedicated to Ngondro – foundational practices.  

(Russian) Нёндро

(Russian) Первое упражнение, принятие Прибежища с простираниями и развитие Просветлённого Настроя, должно прочистить наши внутренние энергетические каналы и развить силу и доверие. Это - очень мощное упражнение с телом, направленное прежде всего на первый вид накопления...

(Russian) Нюнгне

(Russian) Нюнгне – это медитация на Тысячерукого Будду Любящие Глаза, выражение сочувствия всех Будд. Во время такого ретрита практикующие медитируют примерно десять часов в день, а также соблюдают определенные правила...

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