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Courses with Lama Ole Nydhal

Public lectures “Buddhism in the Modern World”

In case you want to learn about Buddhism, particularly about Diamond Way Buddhism, you can attend Lama Ole Nydahl’s lecture “Buddhism in the Modern World”. He talks about the essence of Buddha’s teachings, about how Buddhism may lead to the development of people in everyday life. Each lecture is completed by meditation and Buddhist Refuge given by Lama Ole. You can find out the details about forthcoming lectures in your local Buddhist centre and on this website. Lama Ole comes to Russia twice every year visiting several cities as part of each Russian tour.

If Lama Ole’s lecture occurs too far from the city you live in, you can greatly benefit from attending a lecture for beginners in your local Diamond Way Buddhist Centre. 


Meditation course Phowa (“Conscious Dying”)

Due to this meditation of phowa one can consciously learn the process of dying. Buddhist teachings precisely describe what happens during and after the moment of death until the following rebirth. By learning it we will be able to transfer our consciousness into the liberated state. Within this life we would also obtain access to an enormous resource, which has earlier been blocked by subconscious or conscious fear of inevitability of the end of life. The one, who succeeded in phowa practice, will also be able to help others in the moment of their death.

Lama Ole Nydahl received this transmission from different Tibetan Lamas and is currently its main holder in the West. Since 1987 he has successfully taught phowa method to 80,000 people worldwide. As part of this course he also gives Buddhist explanations about death and rebirth. Such courses take place approximately ten times a year in various parts of the world and last for 5 days each. 

If one would like to participate, one should contact local Buddhist centre and receive necessary explanations of preliminary meditation on Buddha of Limitless Light (Tib. Opame).

“Phowa practice causes physical and mental changes. It opens up central energy channel in our bodies and makes it possible to enter the Pure Land of Buddha of Limitless Light at the moment of one’s death. To have this practice successfully accomplished a special preparation is required: please, do Opame meditation and repeat the mantra OM AMI DEWA SHRI 100,000 times. To take part in phowa one also needs to have Buddhist Refuge. I will give it at the beginning of the course”.

Lama Ole Nydahl  

Great Seal, Mahamudra

Lama Ole Nydahl comments upon important texts about mind’s nature as part of this course, texts composed by Diamond Way teachers from India and Tibet, and explains how highest teachings can be applied in everyday life. There are practical suggestions in Buddhism on how to keep a fresh view on things and not to loose the feeling of deep meaning and joy in anything what is happening. Great Seal helps to deeply understand ultimate reality of this world, as well as being more effective and relaxed on the relative level. Lama Ole Nydahl received Mahamudra transmission from the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpey Dorje who asked him to transmit these teachings in the West.

“Mahamudra view can be compared to the drawing on water: everything is timely and in its place, however everything is already dissolving at the moment it’s appearing. This is the way enlightened actions are – beyond expectations and fears, holding on and pushing away”.      



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