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Courses with Lama Ole Nydhal


Great Seal, Mahamudra

Lama Ole Nydahl comments upon important texts about mind’s nature as part of this course, texts composed by Diamond Way teachers from India and Tibet, and explains how highest teachings can be applied in everyday life. There are practical suggestions in Buddhism on how to keep a fresh view on things and not to loose the feeling of deep meaning and joy in anything what is happening. Great Seal helps to deeply understand ultimate reality of this world, as well as being more effective and relaxed on the relative level. Lama Ole Nydahl received Mahamudra transmission from the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpey Dorje who asked him to transmit these teachings in the West.

“Mahamudra view can be compared to the drawing on water: everything is timely and in its place, however everything is already dissolving at the moment it’s appearing. This is the way enlightened actions are – beyond expectations and fears, holding on and pushing away”.      




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