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Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhists of Karma Kagyu Tradition promotes regular Buddhist and general cultural activities for those interested in this ancient Buddhist tradition.

1. Events guided by Lama Ole Nydahl 

It is an annual event – Summer Meditation Course “Phowa” (“Conscious Dying”), which takes place in Russia. During six days participants listen to the lectures and meditate learning about the process of dying. Due to this practice a person can subsequently use the moment of approaching death in order to transfer their consciouness into a so-called Pure Land Dewachen, which is essentially the state free of any suffering. A capable student becomes able to help not only themselves but as well as the other beings dying.

A series of lectures “Mahamudra” is another yearly event which involves Lama Ole commenting upon the works of Buddists thinkers of the past, which are dedicated to the most important teaching of Karma Kagyu – Mahamudra, The Great Seal. The course may last from one to three days.

Lama Ole Nydahl’s public lectures take place in those cities which he passes through during his Summer or Winter Tous across Russia. A separate schedule is being made prior to each tour. Lama Ole also occasionally participates in some public events organised by the Association, i.e. roundtables, exhibitions, book launches etc. 

2. Other events      

Collective retreats are of great importance for Karma Kagyu Buddhists. Groups of friends go out of town into specially designated medtation retreat centres with have all the necessary conveniences, meditate together and listen to the lectures for several days (typically weekends). The retreats are most frequently dedicated to «Ngondro» – foundational practices. 

Main point of our city Buddhist centres program is evening guided meditation. Approximately once every 1.5-2 months the centres are visited by traveling teachers – Lama Ole’s students authorised by him to teach about Buddhism on his behalf. Those lectures are usually held in Buddhist centres and are concluded by a meditation. 



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