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Shamar Rinpoche is 2nd highest lama in the hierarchy of spiritual teachers in Karma Kagyu.

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President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has met with the lamas of Russian traditional Buddhist Sangha


This year in April Russian president Vladimir Putin has visited Buriatia and met with lamas of the traditional Buddhist Sangha of Russia. Meeting took place in the Verkhnyaya Ivolga village in the famous Ivolginsky Datsan, which had existed as far back as in pre-revolutionary times. Up to 1930, Soviet government has closed all the Buriatian temples and eliminated the religious communities. But in 1945 the attitude of the government changed: Ivolginsky Datsan was re-opened and reconstructed from the ruins. Today it is a large cloister facility, consisting of many constructions. The main religious building – the main temple – was erected and consecrated in 1972. Since the Soviet times and up to now this place attracts a lot of people searching for their own spiritual path. It is here where the imperishable body of the Pandito Hambo Lama XII Dashi-Dorjo Itigelov is preserved.

Vladimir Putin during his visit has attended the present Hambo Lama Damba Ayusheev’s residence. At the meeting with Buddhist teachers, president of our country has emphasized that: “Russia is probably the only country in Europe, where Buddhism is a traditional religion. It has started with Elizaveta Petrovna – she has recognized the Buddhism as such. Starting from then, Buddhists play an important role in life of the Russian peoples, they help people in distress, support them, and of course are also together with them in joy. It was so in all the times. It is well known how the Buddhists have shown themselves in the times of ordeal – The World War I and the Great Patriotic War – in spite of the fact that together with representatives of all the other confessions of Russia they have suffered a lot in the 30th years of the last century. And today you are carrying out very high mission, always being together with the people”.

Russian president has seen the sacred objects of datsan and two times has come to the imperishable body of the Pandito Hambo Lama Itigelov – in the beginning and in the end of his visit. Vladimir Putin has noted: “Now I have seen the main, your most honoured sacred objects. You are treating them with great care and keeping them all for the people. But the most important is that you are advocating very kind and humanistic teaching, based on love of people to each other, love to their country, that you are keeping the traditions, connected with interethnic and interconfessional world, which is very important, and this is what I again want to express my gratitude and thanks to you for”.

Vladimir Putin also emphasized that he keeps in touch very closely with Pandito Hambo-Lama for many years and thanked him for these relations and friendship. “I would like to emphasize again that I myself, just like the Russian government and local authorities are always at your disposal, always ready to support you. In spite of your mostly unassuming requirements (I know that you are always relying upon your own forces), I would like to say it again that we are always at your disposal. Thank you very much for our joint effort” – Vladimir Putin said.

Hambo Lama of the traditional Buddhist sangha of Russia Damba Ayusheev has told that during the meeting such issues were discussed as the Buddhist educational institutions support, specifically the Buddhist universities in Ivolginsky and Aginsky datsans. Hambo Lama has told about the plans of setting up the workshop for making Buddhist sculptures in Ivolginsky datsan. For this purpose special equipment has to be purchased. Head of the government has promised to provide all the assistance. Another issue discussed at the meeting was connected with the construction of a large Buddhist center in St. Petersburg. Hambo Lama has also touched upon the issue of erecting the Buddhist temple in Moscow. However, the decision has been postponed until the discussion with the Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin.


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