Buddha Shakyamuni (V-VI  AC) taught the way the things really are.

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Kagyu Way

Every meditation in Kagyu way starts with the so called four thoughts: the ones about precious human birth, impermanence, the law of cause and effect and highest joy of Enlightenment. Reflecting upon them gradually directs our mind towards real timeless values, which can become the source of ceaseless happiness.   

What are those values? Firstly, it is Buddhahood – a true state of our mind. Secondly, Teaching which leads us towards this state. Thirdly, Sangha – friends and helpers on the way. And, most importantly, Teacher who represents three aspects and gives us direct connection with Enlightenment. We take refuge in these values fully relying on them.

New meaningful attitude to life is necessary to be solidified by meditation practice. It is only down to meditation we can truly change, since stubborn habits and silly ideas are too strong, and the theory without any practice is hardly of any help to us. 

There are three ways for Kagyu practitioners. One requires preparation, the other two – preparation is desirable but not a must. It consists of the meditation “Refuge” thanks to which a practitioner gets acquainted with its main aspects. After that there come four meditations, so called Ngondro, which means “Preliminary Exercises” in Tibetan.

After having finished Preliminaries we can move on to one of the three directions. The first way, the one of Skillful Means, requires this preparation. Here we learn how to work with enlightened energies in the body, awaken unconditioned joy, and then experience its inseparability from the space. This way is represented in Kagyu as the so-called Six Yogas of Naropa. Only Phowa (conscious dying) is used in Diamond Way centres. The other practices may be given individually on later stages of the practices. 

The second way, the one of Deep Insight, involves awareness. It encompasses calming the mind setting him free of any efforts, which enables mind’s inherent wisdom to manifest itself.

Sanskrit name to this system is Mahamudra. The main way for Kagyu practitioners is the Way of Identification (Sanskrit Guru Yoga). Its essence is the meditation on the Lama. Due to devotion and ability to see Lama as Buddha precious qualities of our mind open up, and we identify with perfect state of Lama more and more. 


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