Sherab Gyaltsen is a close disciple of 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Randjung Rigpe Dorje.

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Russian Association

Interactive map of Diamond Way Buddhist centers in Russia

Centrally managed religious organization Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhists of Karma Kagyu Tradition (formerly International, hereafter Association) was established in 1993 by Buddhist centres and groups of Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics for the purpose of preserving, developing and spreading Karma Kagyu Buddhism and providing various help to our centres and their work. Using newspeak – assistance to entities comprising Association in realization of rights in the freedom of faith expression. It is democratically managed: surpreme authority is given to the conference of centre representatives, and in between – the committee consisted of the centre representatives, while regular member of it remains Ole Nydahl. 

President represents association in various organizations and signs different documents. The head-quarters are situated in Saint-Petersburg (as well as legal address).

Association fulfils numerous functions such as coordination, providing the information, organization, communication and other in relation to all of the centres nationally. This includes teachers’ travel plans, courses organization, information support, publications and construction projects.  

Since a new law concerning religious organizations was put into force in 1997, which stops religious associations under 15 years old from a full-scale practice, Association obtained another significant formal role. Being a centrally managed national religious organization, recognised as traditional at government level, it constitutes new centres and confirms relation of the existing ones to Buddhist tradition, which provides the basis for their official registration.    




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