Лама Оле Нидал
Since 1972 Ole Nydahl, the first European Lama and meditation master, established more then 650 meditation centres around the world.

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Diamond Way in the World

Each culture shapes up Buddha’s Teaching into a more suitable form. In this respect Buddhism can be compared to a diamond, which reflects blue colour on a blue surface and red colour on a red one while still remaining a diamond. Throughout the history the Teaching was appropriately nuanced according to the conditions of different cultures, social systems and epochs without loosing its essence.

Buddhism had been transmitted for 1,500 years in India, and then in Tibet for another 1,000 years. At present timeless view of Diamond Way and its methods attract educated and independent people in the West more then ever. Different Buddhist traditions developed in modern western world.

Lama Ole Nydahl established more then 650 Diamond Way centres of Karma Kagyu school in 60 countries, which belong to European culture and located in Europe and Asia, both of Americas, Australia and New Zealand. These centres function and develop under his spiritual guidance. His Holiness 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje is their spiritual leader.

Diamond Way centres promote democratic approach and function on a voluntary basis, friendship and idealism. Centres participants share responsibility to guide meditations and transmit the teachings. The doors are always open to those who expresses interest in working with their mind and is ready to practice Buddhist methods to access these possibilities. Lama Ole authorized more then a hundred of his students to travel around the centres and talk about Buddhism.    

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