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Shamar Rinpoche is 2nd highest lama in the hierarchy of spiritual teachers in Karma Kagyu.

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03.01.2019 - 31.12.2019

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Russian Association of Karma Kagyu Buddhist tradition took part in the all-Russian «Night of Museums»


In the second part of May there was an international cultural event «Night of Museums» across Russia. The Russian Association of Karma Kagyu Buddhist tradition has made its contribution to this event. In the 6 largest cities hosted exhibitions and performances, concerts and master classes devoted to Buddhist art and culture.

Buddhist tradition, growing in Russia for centuries, is considered to be an integral part of Russia’s cultural heritage. Buddhism came to our country is in the VIII century, and since the XVII century, has spread in the Volga region, Kalmykia and Buryatia. Officially Buddhism in Russia was recognized as a religion in 1741 by Elizabeth the First and today is considered as one of the four traditional Russian religions.

In «Night of Museums» The inhabitants of 6 Russian cities – Krasnodar, Tomsk, Yakutsk, Magnitogorsk, Belogorsk and Kaliningrad could become better acquainted with the origins and history of the Buddhist cultural tradition and its modern development. In the largest museums in these cities were presented a photo exhibition dedicated to the Buddhist stupas – monuments, contributing to the preservation of peace and prosperity. The second major theme presented on the expositions – the current stage of development of culture and humanistic values ​​of Buddhism – its transition from Tibet to the West. All activities have been organized in close collaboration with the International public organization promoting the conservation of cultural and historical traditions of the peoples of Central Asia «Cultural Heritage of Himalayas».

In Krasnodar, in the framework of the all-Russian program was photo exhibition «From Tibet to Europe: a journey filled with deep meaning.» The exposition presents works by Russian and European photographers – pilgrims, travelers, Buddhist practitioners, depicting the unique patterns of Tibetan culture. The last one thousand years Buddhist culture was maintained and developed in Tibet – «The roof of the world». Arose in ancient India, methods which help to improve one’s live and achieve a timeless happiness, have been repeatedly transferred from one country to another, finding a new external form, but without change in substance. At the turn of the First and Second centuries methods penetrated from India to China, Tibet, Bhutan, South-East Asia and Japan, in the XVII century with the buryats and kalmyks it came to Russia. The travel which was offered to visitors is from Tibet to Europe. On this trip, guests were helped with interesting excursions, meditation master classes, guided by a Buddhist Teacher. Girls dressed in Tibetan and Kalmyk traditional garments offered to all who wish to pull out from a special cup a note with the wishes made by the Karma Kagyu Buddhist masters.

No less original cultural program in the «Night of Museums» prepared volunteers from the Buddhist Center Karma Kagyu tradition in Tomsk. Despite the strong wind and cold weather, the nightly photo exhibition «Wish-fulfilling Stupa» took place on the open-air of Tomsk Regional Museum. According to tradition, the stupas are intend to dissolve the negative obstacles for the peace in the world, contribute to the prosperity of the area in which they were built, as well as benefit people, especially those who visit them consciously. With help of tour guides the visitors were able to learn more about the history of stupas, which kinds of stupas do exist and how do the wishes made next to the stupa work. Everyone could participate in an interactive program of events – independently rotating the «prayer wheels» with mantras, taste traditional Kalmyk tea and Tibetan tsampa, visit the gift shop and take part in a master class on meditation in a specially prepared for this tent.

An interesting program in the «Museum Night» was also prepared by volunteers of local Buddhist Center Karma Kagyu tradition for the residents of Yakutsk. In the museum of history of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) was presented photo exhibition dedicated to the development of modern Buddhism.

A few days of the exhibition were visited by more than five thousand people …



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