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Lama Ole Nydahl about Russian Winter Tours


Dearest Students and Friends everywhere,

 Ever since 1991 when Russia opened itself to the world, it has been Hannah’s and my greatest joy to bring hundreds of our students and friends from around the world to this vast and beautiful country, establishing a deep and lasting connection with its loving, idealistic and mature people.

 Every year several hundred of our western friends travel together on trains from St. Petersburg or Moscow to Vladivostok. They melt with the limitless snow-covered space outside, riding east through central Russia, across the Ural Mountains and into Siberia and the Far East. They jump into the crystal-clear, ice-cold waters of Lake Baikal, and fall in love with both the country and the people. Profound cross-border friendships and lasting connections are forged as a result.

 During these twenty-five years of travelling across Russia such fine qualities like maturity, courage, compassion and endurance have developed in those taking part in our tours. These qualities relate to the education, culture, spirituality, and strong and warm family values that are the essence of Russian society.

 After each visit everybody expressed a wish to return to Russia, to inspire their friends back at home and to share their love of this country, its culture and open others to it.

 In its contemporary history Russia has gone through many difficulties which have not broken the endurance and finest qualities of its noble population. Today, it is a modern and unique country.

 May this exchange continue benefiting Russia and all nations!

Come, share and enjoy!

Yours, from a meditation retreat, Lama Ole


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