Ханна Нидал
Hannah Nydahl (1946-2007) was a translator, a lama, a confidante of the highest lamas of Karma Kagyu tradition.

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Entering the Buddhist Path


Вступая на буддийский путь

«Entering the Buddhist Path» – the seventh book of the series «Oral instructions.» Its author, Kalu Rinpoche (1915-1989), belongs to the Shangpa and Karma Kagyu traditions. He is one of the greatest masters of meditation. Rinpoche was born and began his spiritual activities in Tibet and after the Chinese invasion moved his residence to Sonada, India (West Bengal). Kalu Rinpoche was one of the first Tibetan lamas who taught extensively in the West. He set up retreat centers for meditation In France. His teachings are sought-after in all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

In the book «Entering the Buddhist Path» Rinpoche explains in detail the fundamental truths that must be understood by students for a successful beginning of the Buddhist practice. Particular emphasis is made on the Four Basic Thoughts, leading the mind on the way to Liberation and Enlightenment.


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