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Since everything started here in St. Petersburg our activities pioneered the way for all other Diamond Way Centres in Russia. Here in 1992 the first Lama Ole’s books translated into Russian were published, and in 1994 the first movie about our centres was filmed. Also here the first Phowa course took place and Lopen Tsechu Rinpoche gave initiations for the first time in Russia. The first Russian Buddhist teachers originate from our centre Sangha as well.

In 1993 for the money donated by Lama Ole we could buy a small flat for the centre which is still there. This purchase encouraged other sanghas in Russia to get premises themselves, and today we have over eighty city centres at the different stages of completion across the country. Also the first Buddhist festival in Russia called «Young Buddhism» was held in St. Petersburg in 1995, and in 2008 there was the first academic and research conference «Vajrayana Buddhism in Russia: the History and Modern Days» which many scientists and religious figures attended. It’s no mere chance that St. Petersburg was the first city to visit in the Russian part of H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa’s traveling schedule.

The St. Petersburg Buddhist Centre have altogether organised five all-Russian Phowa courses guided by Lama Ole Nydahl, which were held in the suburbs of St. Petersburg in 1990, 1991, 1995, 2003 and 2007. The 1991 and 1995 courses were attended by honourable Lopen Tsechu Rinpoche who gave initiations into several important Buddha aspects.

Our Centre organised a large number of Ngondro retreats which now are held regularly 2-3 times a year, usually at the «Karelia» Retreat Centre near the Ladoga Lake. This Retreat Centre is maintained and supported mostly by the St. Petersburg Buddhist Centre members.

In 2008 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Lama Ole’s first visit to Russia. St. Petersburg has also become the centre for the III International Festival «Buddhism.Ru».

Since the purchase of the building in 1993 the centre has been significantly expanded, and now we occupy three premises in the same building. These are a gompa, a reception room and a residential flat which have already been completely prepared to accommodate high lamas.

As always we have big plans – to own the whole annex which our centre is now in, to provide living conditions for friends and teachers, to be able to host different Buddhist events. Considering intensive development of our centre the matter of expanding the gompa is getting crucial.


Meditation Schedule

Monday 20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa
Tuesday 20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa
Wednesday 20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa
Thursday 20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa
Friday 20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa
Saturday 19:00 - Introduction to Buddhism
20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa
Sunday 20:00 - Meditation on the Sixteenth Karmapa


Address:  190068 St.Petersburg
Nikolskiy ave. 7-26
Phone number:  +7 (812) 310-01-79
Phone number:  +7 (812) 407-42-65

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