His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa is the head of Karma Kagyu tradition. He is also known as King of Yogis of Tibet.

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Russian Buddhists celebrate the New year (in Tibetan Losar) – on February 11, 2013.

In the Buddhist lunar New year is the first new moon of spring or in the 1-St day of the first lunar month. As a rule, this day falls on the end of January – the beginning of March. Buddhist Lama-astrologers every year re-calculate the exact date of the celebration. In this year, according to their calculations, the Buddhists of Russia celebrated the New year on the night of February 11, 2013.
The origins of the tradition of celebrating the Buddhist New year and in Kalmykia, and in Buryatia and Tuva lie in Tibet, where in the 7th century in Russia came to the Buddhist teachings, and with it the traditional Buddhist rituals meeting of the New year.
In the monasteries on the eve of the New year, played a mystery Tsam, which includes dancing lamas in masks, symbolizing the end of the old year and the removal of obstacles in the new year, the laity with swords, and a solemn throwing Ling. The celebration of Losar continues for a period of two weeks, during which in the monasteries are ceremony wishes.

Buddhist center of the tradition of the Karma Kagyu g. Togliatti invites all comers to the Day of open doors.

on February 10, Sunday. The beginning at 13:00. The entrance is free.

In the program:
1) the Tradition of celebrating the Tibetan New year (Losar).

2) New books for teachers and Museum workers about Buddhism.

3) Viewing the film «History of Buddhism.», taken together with the Russian Academy of Sciences. (40 min.)

4) Questions and answers

In the breaks tea and fellowship.

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