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The Buddhist Stupa at Pushkin Square in Moscow


On July 29 within the framework of an interactive project  «The Treasures of the Himalayas» there will be opening ceremony of the exhibition «Wish-fulfilling Stupa» which will take place in «Pushkinsky» Concert Hall (Pushkin Square, 2, CCH «Russia»). The project is organized with the support of the International NGO promoting the conservation of cultural and historical traditions of the peoples of Central Asia «Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas», the Department of Culture of Moscow, the Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhism Karma Kagyu Tradition and the State Museum of Oriental Art.

Stupas are the architectural structures, which, according to Buddhist tradition, symbolize the perfect nature of the mind, the Enlightenment. It is believed that they eliminate the obstacles, promote prosperity and pacify the surrounding area, and bring the benefit to the people visiting them. According to Buddhist Teachings, the one who contacts with a stupa (see her, walks around, making wishes) thus acquires a spiritual merit and becomes free from suffering. The perfect form of this construction, and spiritual, intellectual and material relics put inside ennoble consciousness, make the mind calmer and happier.


Interactive exhibition «The wish-fulfilling Stupa» tells about all the varieties of these sacred buildings. One of these will be presented at the exhibition in the cinema center «Pushkinsky». This is a genuine Stupa, similar to those located in Tibet, Nepal, India, and in the traditionally Buddhist regions of Russia – Buryatia, Kalmykia and Tuva. Walking around in a clockwise direction, visitors can rotate prayer wheels with the mantras, multiplying the positive wishes.

Every hour during  the event there will be stepped  traditional ethnographic dance of the Snow Lion, the patron and symbol of the Himalayas. And every 30 minutes will be organized excursions, when experienced guides will dip visitors into  the magical world of the Himalayan culture. In addition, for the audience will be prepared a special film program on the history of the Himalayan region, during the day it will take at the legendary cinema concert hall «Pushkinsky».

«The program of the   interactive project will be completed by the lecture of Buddhist Lama Ole Nydahl, which will start at 19:30″ – says Arina Pozdnyakov, coordinator of the «Treasures of the Himalayas» in Moscow.

Organizers and participants of the projects believe that the emergence of a Buddhist stupa in the center of Moscow, even for one day, will bring more peace and  well-being to Muscovites . According to Buddhist culture, if  to walk around the stupa a few times making unselfish wish, it will be surely fulfilled . «How wonderful that in Moscow – a multinational, multicultural city, where there are temples of all traditional religions, in the capital of the great state, which needs compassion, understanding and love so much,  – will appear the stupa as a symbol of peace and kindness! And let this a one-day exposition will become a herald of the appearance of the stupa in Moscow, as the Buddhists of Russia have been talking for so long»- said Alexander Koibagarov, the President of the Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhism Karma Kagyu Tradition.

About the project: The unique interactive project «The Treasures of the Himalayas«  is a traveling exhibition, which is accompanied by guided tours, film screenings, master classes and lectures. The project involves visitors in the atmosphere of the Land of Snows and reveals about the life, character and beauty of the mystical and full of inspiration Eastern culture.

Owing to this project existing more than 10 years, 82 000 people in 46 major cities from Moscow to Vladivostok met with the Buddhist art.

More information on an interactive project «Treasures of the Himalayas» is available on the official website.


Schedule of the  interactive project «Treasures of the Himalayas»

July 29, 2013 in Moscow


14:00 – Opening of the exhibition «The wish-fulfilling stupa»

14:00-19:00 – Work of exhibition «The wish-fulfilling stupa», tours of the exhibition (every 30 minutes).

14:00-19:00 – theatrical performance «Dance of the Snow Lion» (every hour)

14:30 – Film screening start. The film «The History of Buddhism Part 1. Journey filled with deep meaning. «

This is a film – the first part of a trilogy about the history of Buddhism, released to the 190th anniversary of the Institute of Oriental Studies. What do we know about Buddhism? Who is Buddha? What did he teach his students and what is the ultimate goal of his teachings? These are questions that are answered by the first part of the trilogy. In the film there are interviews that provided the main representatives of Buddhism in the modern world, in particular: the Dalai Lama XIV, Gyalwa Karmapa XVII, Sakya Trizin, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, and others. Director – Andrew Toloshny.

15.00. Film Screening. The film «Transparent Lama.»

Viewers will see footage from the life of Nepal and Bhutan, where he spent years of his life one of the greatest Lamas of Tibetan Buddhism Lama Tsechu Rinpoche. He was called a «Transparent Lama» because he could change his physical form and perform miracles, showing the world the limitless possibilities of the enlightened mind. Director – Anna Novikova.

16.00. Film Screening. The film «Art for enlightenment.»

Russia – the only country in the world where there are Buddhist republic (Kalmykia, Buryatia, Tuva), Buddhism in our country is the official religion in 1741. The film tells about the history of Buddhism in Russia, about how Buddhism exists in the modern world, the philosophy, art and cultural treasures, which he enriches our lives. Viewers will be able to learn about Buddhist painting (thangka painting), sculpture, music, architecture, traditions of the building process of the stupas as well as the famous ritual of construction and destruction of the mandala, having a deep sense of the sacred. Director – Gregory Dickert.

19:30. Lecture by Lama Ole Nydahl «Buddhism in the Modern World», questions and answers.

Ole Nydahl  is a Buddhist meditation master, the author of over a dozen books published in 45 countries in more than 20 languages. In his past he has been trained and has got complete transmission of knowledge from the greatest Buddhist lamas of our time – His Holiness the XVI Gyalwa Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje.





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