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The famous Buddhist art critic and artist Robert Beer has visited Moscow


Роберт Бир

Robert Beer, British artist, has studied and practiced Tibetan Thanka-painting for more than 40 years.  Robert Beer was one of the first Europeans, actively interested in this kind of art. He has spent five years in India and Nepal learning from the whole line of outstanding painters of that time.

From the moment of returning to England in 1975, he was working sequentially to develop deeper understanding of this extremely difficult topic and cultural contexts, in which it is being born.

The last two decades Robert Beer has dedicated to create an extensive group of iconographic paintings, representing the main divinities, holders of transmission lineges and symbols, which can be found in Tibetan Buddhist art.

His works more than once were exhibited in the world’s leading museums and galleries, and his books were translated and published in many languages.  

 «Энциклопедия тибетских символов и орнаментов» His book «The encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and ornamental patterns» is the first fundamental and utterly detailed work, researching the incredibly vast and rich by symbolism iconography of the Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism.

For the artists and designers, for the Buddhists, eager to comprehend all the deep symbolism of this spiritual tradition, for all those, who are interested in the eastern art and art in general, it is the first comprehensive encyclopedia, classifying the endless variety of the Tibetan Buddhism fine art. 

Also his illustrations are used in the unique book “Buddhist masters-magicians”, containing more than 54 most famous Indian mahasiddhas biographies.

Recently his new work “Tibetan Buddhist symbols” (popular edition) was published.

The book is written in easy and accessible language: the text has been entirely changed and adopted for more easy understanding.   

In the new edition you can find all the most interesting – the real essence of the «The encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and ornamental patterns», but without more detailed information, which could be interesting mostly for the professionals.

That’s why it is easy and interesting to read even for the not competent people.«Буддийские мастера-маги»,

During the Moscow program there were lectures and seminars, where you could also buy the book novelty “Tibetan Buddhist symbols” (popular edition) with the publisher’s discount, to get the author’s autograph, to see and buy high quality reproductions and colored postcards of uncommon Nevar and Tibetan thankas from the artist’s collection. 



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