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Grand Opening of an exhibition “The Treasures of the Himalayas” was held in Moscow


About the project: The Treasures of the Himalayas is the only travelling exhibition of the Buddhist art that has been presenting art traditions of the Himalaya region to the Russian people for ten years.

The unique collection shows the distinctive character of the Buddhist culture in the East as well as its ways in the West. The exhibition features more than 300 separate items from workshops and monasteries of India, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Buryatia, Kalmykia. The visitors have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with various aspects of Tibetan art: embroidered scroll paintings called thangkas, statues, ritual objects and ornaments. A complementary programme of guided tours for children and adults with slide-shows and music is also happening daily.

The Treasures of the Himalayas exhibition is supplemented by a rich variety of interactive events, which include lectures, workshops, films and ethnic music concerts.

Due to this project that has been on for ten years more than 75000 people came to know Buddhist art in 45 cities from Moscow to Vladivostok.

The grand opening of the exhibition hosted more than 300 guests including celebrities, scientists and journalists. The evening was rich in events. Moreover, the guests could enjoy traditional Tibetan guttural singing and a tea ceremony.

The photographs by a renowned artist Oleg Kulik and a famous film and theater director Kirill Serebrennikov taken while travelling in the Land of Snow were also presented to the guests.  The welcome speech was delivered by the Ambassador of Nepal in Russia Ravi Mohan Sapkota Kopila.

Anton Ignatenko, deputy director of the Moscow Department for Interregional Cooperation, Social Inclusion and Relations with Religious Organizations, gave a short speech to appreciate the work of the organizers: “Thank you for bringing the light of spirituality and intelligence to the capital of Russia, Moscow – the city in which Buddhism constitutes an indispensible part of the cultural and religious heritage”.

On April 1, a round-table conference “The Buddhist Art in the past and present time” was held in the State Museum of Oriental Art. The keepers and creators of modern Russia artifacts discussed measures to preserve the Buddhist art. 

The exhibition runs in Moscow from 29th March to 28th April 2013 at Vetoshny art-place (13 Vetoshny pereulok) daily from 11am to 9pm and from 11am to 10pm on weekends.

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